We like to experiment and have providing experiences to our users since 2015, communities, game servers, utility tools and soon our games.

Basically, we were just a Space Engineers server that made original stories and gameplay, and then it switched into something a little bit bigger. We have recreated the French Space Engineers community which is now in charged of supporting the official servers and translating the game.

We’ve always liked the fact that our networks are fun and educational so that our users can grow through their time with us. For one year, we created the Voxels University, an extracurricular assistance program. We would like to repeat this experience for later. During the quarantine related to Covid-19, we created the Edu’Bot tool which facilitates the work of teachers with their students.

With our knowledge and experience, we set up game servers on different games and communities. We live with donations from our community. In conclusion, we always put the real life of our teams and our users first. But we also prefer to deliver quality rather than quantity.